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The Voice of Ummah (VOU) was launched in 1999 as a higher Islamic educational and Dawah institution offering intensive online programs.


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The Voice of Ummah (VOU) was launched in 1999 as a higher Islamic educational and Dawah institution offering intensive online programs. Our institution is committed to spreading beneficial and authentic knowledge that is easily affordable and will benefit not only individual students, but also empower entire communities. The VOU provides an equal opportunity for all students and makes learning a real possibility even for the neediest of students. Students can benefit from the online courses and audio lectures in various fields of study.

About Us:

Since its commencement in 1999, this Institute has been successfully fulfilling the obligation of education and propagation of Islamic knowledge by profound and renowned scholars via various courses, lectures and Question/Answer sessions. Numerous courses, catering to both, women and men are offered online with the purpose of education and spiritual refinement with the unique opportunity to acquire a higher education without ever having to leave their home!

Our Goal:

Seeking knowledge is an obligatory deed in the Islam. Our noble mission is to provide the world the opportunity to gain authentic Islamic knowledge through the Internet solely for the pleasure of Allah Subhanahu wa tala. VOU’s goal has always been to empower anyone, from any place or any time, to access quality of authentic knowledge through Online Islamic Courses and Live-Sessions.


Many dedicated well-known scholars and academics comprise the VOU team, offering guidance and support to ensure the high quality of education for the Ummah around the world.

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Shiekh Ejaz Ahmed 
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Dr Hafeez-ul-Rehman
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Sheikh Riasat Shah
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The Voice of Ummah has been trying hard to improve the state of the Ummah and the lives of Muslims by providing authentic Islamic Education via lectures and courses. Your support will help us in achieving this goal. By donating to VOU, the reward can reach you and your family too!

The costs incurred on this forum are taken care of by contributions from well-wishers. You are encouraged to partake in this extraordinary effort joining us in the Room (Voice of Ummah), inviting others, spreading the word and supporting the cause financially so as to foster continuation of the efforts and as Sadaqa e jariya.


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